IRC-Phone II

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Cordless DECT GAP Telephone with Built-in Infrared-Receiver

The IRC-Phone II is a special modified telephone for use with environmental control devices with infrared learning ability.

The difference to off-the-shelf telephones is that every key is accessible with an infrared signal. This means the whole functionality of the phone is also available when using an environmental control device. Normal use by pressing the keys is, of course, still possible.

Other DECT GAP handsets can also be registered to the IRC-Phone II base (up to 5 more) or you can register the IRC-Phone II handset to any other DECT GAP base which might be already available.

The IR signals of the IRC-Phone II are compatible with the signlas of the previous models IRC-Phone and C-Phone.

The sales package includes the remote control which can be used to easily copy the IR signals into any environmental control device.

Key Features:

  • Directory for 500 names
  • 9 Speed dials
  • Backlighted display
  • Big letters
  • Handsfree
  • Headset-Connector
  • Messages list
  • Bluetooth
  • Incl. base
  • HD Audioquality

Scope of Delivery:

  • Handset with built-in IR receiver
  • DECT base
  • Power supply and cable
  • Manual
  • incl. Remote control


Manual IRC-Phone II

Manual Remote Control

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