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RF Video-Doorintercom with Built-In Infrared-Receiver.


The VD-Phone is a special modified intercom system for use with environmental control devices with infrared learning ability.

The difference to off-the-shelf telephones is that every key is accessible with an infrared signal. This means the whole functionality of the phone is also available when using an environmental control device. Normal use by pressing the keys is, of course, still possible.

There is a direct RF connection between the handset and the door station.

The video is started automatically as soon as the door bell is activated. The answer key on the handset opens the voice connection.

The door opener relay is activated by pressing the key button.

There is an additional feature to store a picture during a conversation. The picture can also be made automatically if the door bell is not answered.

Due to the rechargable battery in the handset it can also be used as a portable device inside the house.

The door station has a anti-sabotage feature. As soon as the door station is removed a lound sound comes up and the handset is called.

You can use up to 2 handsets with one door station or one handset with 2 door stations.

The sales package includes the remote control which can be used to easily copy the IR signals into any environmental control device.

Main Features

    • All functions available through remote control
    • 2,4″ TFT Display
    • Wideangle lense with LEDs for night view
    • Door station with battery or power supply
    • Anti-Sabotage alarm
    • RF range up to 200m
    • Changeover contact for door opener
    • Automatic/manual picture function


Scope of Delivery

  • Handset with Built-in IR Receiver
  • Charging Cradle with Power Supply
  • Door Station
  • Mounting Parts
  • User Manual
  • incl. Remote Control

Technical Specs

  • LxWxH: Handset 152 x 51 x 20 mm
  • LxWxH: Door Station 160 x 86 x 55 mm
  • Power Supply: Handset LiIon Battery 1100 mAh
  • Power Supply: Door Station 2 x LR14 Battery or 12 DC